Frequently Asked Questions

All the products, essential oils, produced and supplied by Everest Aroma is organic certified. We work very hard at our plants, along with local farmers, to produce organic, standard, essential oils, also keeping in mind the trust of our clients and the sustainable future of the local farmers.

Our products are being certified by CERES(Certification of Environmental Standards Gmbh) and OneCert Pvt.Ltd

Our products have two certificates: USDA organic( and Euro Leaf(

We package our essential oils in four categories: 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg packages.

We welcome orders for a minimum of 5kg packages.

We accept all major kinds of payments. Payments should be made in advance though. For more information and assistance contact us.

The minimum delivery period is three to four weeks. Sometimes there can be variations in the link time due to various conditions and situations.

The quality of the product will be the same as the sample provided by Everest Aroma.