English Name : Wintergreen

Local Name (Nepali Name)) : Dhasingre

BotanicalName : Gaultheria fragrantissima wall

Family Name : Ericase

Season : April - May

Parts Used : Twigs and Leaves

Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance : Liquid

Aroma : Characteristic intense sweet woody odour with flowery odour

Flash Point : 950C

Specific Gravity : 1.1829 at 250C

Refractive Index : 1.536 at 250C

Ester Value : 278.9

Ester Value after Acetylation : 331.1

Acid Number : 2.7

Solubility : Insoluble in water, soluble in oil and alcohol.

Soluble in water : Insoluble

Uses : It is aromatic, stimulant, carminative and antiseptic. It is also used in various forms of rheumatism and applied externally in liniments in the form of a suitable ointment to counteract their irritating effects. It has germicidal action against hookworm.

Packaging : 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg

A much branched ever green aromatic shrub about 3 m tall. Leaves simple, alternate, stalked, oblong-lanceolate to elliptic, serrate, stiffly coriaceous, dotted with glands, up to 13 cm long. Flowers small, greenish white fragrant in short auxiliary bunches. Fruits capsule and sub globose are enclosed in bluish sepals. Wintergreen essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of Gaultheria fragrantissima Wall.