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Magnificent abies, aromatic monoecious evergreen trees are distributed throughout Nepal at the elevation of 2700 to 3900m, and extracted oil


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Magnificent Anthopogon, aromatic gregarious shrubs are distributed throughout Nepal ranging in an elevation around 3200  to 4700m and extracted essential


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Apricots are stone fruits also known as Armenian plums. Round and yellow, they look like a smaller version of a

Aroma Book 1

$ 51.39
This is a collection of popular 24 (02 ml) type of essential oil produce by Everest Aroma  1.Anthopogen     

Aroma Book 2

$ 61.32
This is a collection of 2ml 30 types of our popular essential oil.      1.Anthopogen           

Aroma Book 3

$ 72.99
This is a collection of 36 essential oils distilled by us.                   Thyme    1.Anthopogen             

Aroma Love Blend

$ 7.89$ 15.39
Apart from providing a pleasant aroma, aroma love can promote respiratory disinfection, decongestant, and psychological benefits. It stimulates the olfactory