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$ 7.89$ 36.79
Magnificent calamus is distributed throughout Nepal at an elevation of 1000 to 2000m and extracted oil is highly fragrant from

Arthritis and Pain Reliver Kit

$ 26.32
The oils have the property to quickly ease muscles pain, tension, and swelling. It also has analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties,

Belle (anti-aging)blend

$ 7.92$ 16.89
“Belle” as a natural solution using Himalayan oils blend which contains vitamin A, C&E. It helps to lower the visibility

Ginger Lily

$ 6.99$ 34.39
Magnificent ginger lily, aromatic is extracted oil is highly fragrant and steam distilled from root and flower of the ginger

Sleepbless Blend

$ 7.89$ 15.39
Introduction We created this blend by our professional aromatherapy team the product is dedicated to better sleep. As we have

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