Everest Aroma is an international company specializing in the production and selling of locally made organic essential oils from Nepal. The history of this company can be traced back to Guru Narahari.

Guru Narahari was a descendant of the disciple of Maharshi Bagbhatta. Maharshi Bagbhatta, a great influencer of Ayurveda lived roughly three thousand five hundred years ago. Guru Datta the son of Guru Narahari was an ardent supporter of Ayurvedics. He possed diversified knowledge in this regard. He showed great enthusiasm to enhance the ayurvedic methods. During the 1950s he was seen in the limelight. He was able to spread his wisdom from western Nepal to the Meghalaya in India. Being an influencer and a great guru he had many disciples, one of them was his own son-in-law pandit Pushparaj. Pushparaj was able to establish his own ayurvedic practice and help the people in his locality. Pushparaj’s daughter (Indira Baral), despite sharing her father’s intuition for Ayurveda, was unable to follow through with this passion as she was married early. Later she worked in the tourism industry, where she saw a potential for growth. Even though she had succeeded in the field of tourism, she still wanted to uphold her family’s heredity. This wish was fulfilled when her son (Sandeep Baral) decided to follow in the footprints of his grandfather. Sandeep Baral believes in keeping the ancient Ayurveda alive.

Sandeep Baral worked as a social entrepreneur in partnership with the Nepal Government on the WTLCP project. His team was successfully able to enhance the knowledge of the locals on the aspect of ayurvedic such as the processing and use of medicinal plants and herbs. Following the decade Mr.Sandeep Baral and his team were able to gain massive experience working with the locals in herb production and agro-forestry. He and his team began to establish organic farming and processing centers under the name Everest Aroma. And ever since we here at Everest aroma have had clearcut vision and principle working towards the betterment of this nation at an international level.