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Aroma Love Kit

NPR 1,700.00
Essential oils having the following properties are included in this kit, stimulate the olfactory system, part of the temporal lobe of

Arthritis and Pain Reliver Kit

NPR 1,700.00
The oils have the property to quickly ease muscles pain, tension, and swelling. It also has analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties,

Hair Care Kit

NPR 1,600.00
Hair Care Kit Essential oils having properties to soothe, moisturize the scalp, and promote hair growth add shine and softness

Life (Anti Flu) Kit

NPR 1,990.00
The oils have the property of antibacterial activity to help fight respiratory infections, reduce fevers, fights viruses, inhibit bacteria, and

No Bite Kit

NPR 1,820.00
The kit contains  6 types of essential oils (05 ml.)   each oil has antiseptic and insecticides properties(known as biopesticides)
Eucalyptus Essential Oil Citronella Essential Oil Artemisia Essential Oil Cedarwood Essential Oil Tea tree Essential Oil, Blue pine Essential Oil.

Oral Care Kit

NPR 1,700.00
The kit includes essential oils which are popular for having properties to kill germs that cause pain, disease, and decay.

Respiratory Support Kit

NPR 1,678.00
Essential oils have properties to ease symptoms of a cough, including the common cold, flu, or chest infection. The oils may

Skin Care Kit

NPR 1,800.00
The oils have properties to help to lower the visibility of facial wrinkles, fine lines, nourish, brighten, and maintain radiation