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The majestic black cardamom, an aromatic perennial herbaceous plant, flourishes across the landscapes of Nepal at elevations ranging from 600 to 2000 meters. The extracted oil, highly fragrant, is derived through meticulous steam distillation from the seeds of black cardamom cultivated in the eastern Himalayas of Nepal. This essential oil boasts a compellingly smoky aroma, accompanied by underlying notes of resin and camphor. Intertwined with these rich tones are hints of green cardamom’s menthol, lending a slightly minty fragrance that artfully balances the overall profile, delivering a uniquely bold and captivating olfactory experience.


Major Components and its properties

  • 1,8-cineole (33.66%) have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
  • B-pinene(8.55%)  have pain-relieving, memory boosting and respiratory ailments solving properties.
  • a-terpineol(8.44%) have anticancer, anticonvulsant, antiulcer, antihypertensive, anti-nociceptive properties.
  • limonene (4.51%) have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-stress and disease-preventing properties.


Benefits and uses

  • Add 2-3 drops of oil to carrier oil and apply it to your muscle and also inhale 2-3 drops applying on your handkerchief it is extremely great at treating muscular as well as respiratory spasms providing rest from muscle pulls and cramps, asthma and also whooping cough.
  • Add 2-3 drops of oil in your handkerchief and inhale its revitalizing effect additionally increases your spirit in cases of depression or fatigue, energizes secretion of numerous enzymes and hormones which helps in maintaining proper metabolic action through the entire body.
  • Add 2-3 drops of oil to 1 tablespoon carrier oil and apply it on your forehead, it is effective to aid for headache relief along with a mild tonic for the nervous system and has got the dual capability to calm and soothe throughout phases of nervous tension and improve concentration during time of sluggishness.
  • Add a few drops of oil in water apply it as mouthwash, it has got quite a strong antiseptic as well as anti-microbial qualities that disinfects the oral cavity of all germs and eliminate bad breath.
  • Add 2-3 drops of oil to carrier oil and massage around your belly it improves digestion of food simply by stimulating the entire digestive system and safeguards the stomach from infections.
  • Add 2-3 drops of oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil and apply it to your skin, being full of vitamin C and manganese, it really works like a powerful anti-oxidant as well as detoxifies our entire body, gives radiance to your skin, combat premature ageing keeping the skin toned and younger for very long.
  • Add 2-3 drops of oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil and apply it on your hair scalp, it works as an excellent disinfectant and helps avoid scalp infections, cure dandruff and provide smooth and glossy tresses and naturally lighten your hair with no negative effects.
  • Add 1-2 drops of oil in your hand and inhale, it helps to treat various respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis and bacterial infections.

Methods of use

Through smell: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice or apply a few drops to your hand or clothes or tissue paper and inhale .

  • Topical use: Dilute with a carrier oil to minimize skin sensitivity and apply one to two drops in the desired area and do massage or rub in or add to lotion or moisturizers.
  • Caution: If pregnant, epileptic, have cancer or have any medical problems use oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Keep your eyes away from the oils while using it otherwise it may lead to various complications to your eyes and be extra careful and keep out of reach of the children.

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  • Amazing oils. Very high quality. Absolutely happy to find them in Pokhara. 🙏🏼

    Anna Trish Avatar Anna Trish
    May 5, 2023

    I’ve been using Wintergreen essential oil from Everestaroma for my joint pain and I’ve got to let people know how great this is . It relieves my pain like no other products . I wanted to use organic product and on searching for USDA approved products i got this on results and I’m glad I found this . I 100% recommended this brand . Ekdam ramro cha

    media thumbnail 0
    Baby Sudhir Avatar Baby Sudhir
    October 5, 2023

    100% natural, high quality product from the plants of Nepal. This is the absolute best essential oil company in Nepal and they have the best service!

    James Yen Avatar James Yen
    November 5, 2023
  • Everest Aroma produce amazing essential oils from medicinal plants grown in the Nepal. Himalayan plants grow in high altitude and on rich soils and contain various medicinal properties. These plants are also used as Ayurvedic medicine so I feel Himalayan land is utopia for plants. I’m avoiding western medicine and using essential oil for my sick rarely for 7 years and impressed how plants love people☺️ Everest aroma oils heal me💖

    Akane Shinomiya Avatar Akane Shinomiya
    September 5, 2023

    Everest aroma get solution for different problems

    Bibhatsa Bhusal Avatar Bibhatsa Bhusal
    April 5, 2021

    Really loved the products; The packaging and the quality is one of best; And have got really good result after using it. Definitely gonna repurchase and have already recommended to friends and family. Keep the good work up 💜

    Beyonddirections Thakur Avatar Beyonddirections Thakur
    April 5, 2023
  • Best product i've ever bought

    Goku Lena Avatar Goku Lena
    August 5, 2023

    Hair Diet is the best solution one can ever get to grow your hair back. I was near to bald 2 months ago and now i got my hair back after using this serum. My hair has totally stopped falling and getting thicker every week. I am more than happy with this antidote that worked miracle for me. Thank you, Everest Aroma, your products are trustworthy.

    santa subba Avatar santa subba
    December 5, 2023

    So at first i saw their blog about why “Hair diet Blend” is better than Rosemary . I thought it was a gimmick. Because its too common. Rosemary did me great for my hair loss but this one is “IT” kassam babal. New hair growth pani vako cha . Micro hairs have come to the places on my head where I thought no hair would ever gro. Minoxidil pani lagako tara tyo vanda yo far far better . Thank you guys. Hope you guys make it big .

    media thumbnail 0
    ncell kosim Avatar ncell kosim
    October 5, 2023
  • Great quality products.

    Shuvam Adhikari Avatar Shuvam Adhikari
    April 5, 2023

    It’s been over 6 months since I’ve been using Hair diet as a part of my routine. With the time, I’ve noticed thickening of hairlines around the temple area, decreased broken hair and aided to hair growth. If we’re including organic in our diets and other lifestyle, I recommend it’s high time we think what we feed our hair.

    media thumbnail 0
    Shweta Sharma Avatar Shweta Sharma
    November 5, 2023

    I Love how my skin feels so soft after exfoliating with this. And the smell is so pleasant. I expected the skin to be dry but on the contrary it was very soft. the results have been amazing. Would love to explore more natural products like this. Highly recommended!

    media thumbnail 0media thumbnail 1
    Aayesha GC Avatar Aayesha GC
    November 5, 2023
  • I bought it after this being recommended in engineering blog by two engineers. I had my doubts for sure. But i had met those guys in Pulchowk so i knew they were trustworthy. So i bought this hair diet blend like 2 weeks ago and my results are extraordinary. Hairfall stopped, dandruff is nowhere to be found on my head, new hair growth, thick hair, tiny hair are coming. I bought 100ml and it is totally worth its price. 100% recommend this .

    media thumbnail 0media thumbnail 1
    Home For Avatar Home For
    October 5, 2023

    Very Genuine products and Amazing packaging. Feels like Really Premium product and I find it true. I will be visiting soon again.

    Babita Joshi Avatar Babita Joshi
    April 5, 2021

    Я - фанат этого бренда эфирных масел! Everest Aroma - лучшие масла, особенно учитывая из цену в сравнение с другими мировыми брендами. Я масла использую с утра до вечера - и лью их в диффузор для необходимого настроя, и наношу на рело, и смешиваю кремом и ополаскивателем доя волос! Я предлагаю и дарю их всем, кого люблю, вожу масла сюда в Италию и посылаю в Россию почтой. Считаю, что каждый кому дорого здоровье своё и своих близких просто обязан иметь самые основные 5-7 масел Everest Aroma! И общаться с Мистером Сандипом для меня одно удовольствие

    January 5, 2024